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Reiki Treatments Testimonials

" I came to see Mamta a few weeks ago, desperate to find respite for a chronic, and apparently incurable bladder problem. I was also unaware that I was carrying past trauma that was making my condition worse. Mamta immediately put me at ease with her serenity, I didn't feel judged or pressured - which helped me to explain my condition and become open to emotional healing as well as physical. Every reiki session that I have had with Mamta has been a journey in itself. The sessions are relaxed, and I have always felt completely at ease. I wasn't expecting to see such results either. The bladder condition seems to be in remission (although I am aware that this is a slow, but positive experience), Reiki with Mamta has made me realise that I can, and will get better, and I have changed so much as a person in such a short space of time, I am calmer, and more aware of myself, and am much more at peace within myself. (I didn't believe that I could achieve near inner peace before I had reiki!) I would like to thank Mamta for opening up a whole new level of perspective to me, and I will be attending her reiki classes, and reiki shares at a later date. I fully recommend Reiki with Mamta, I think without her guidance I would still be quite lost. x"

Rebecca Johnson, April 2013


"Have had lots more energy since the treatment, some significant mental shifts, changes in attitudes and seeing myself and others in a different light!!!  Good stuff.  Also had some important dreams about teaching, which is an emerging theme at present.  And also feels related to my heart chakra and what I want to bring into expression.   Feel the session really cleared a lot that had built up with all that I have been going through.  So many, many thanks again."

A, North London


"After the treatment last Wednesday I felt like my equilibrium had been restored. I felt somehow back on track. I had almost forgotten how powerful Reiki is, it was quite profound for me. I have been self-treating again and had a quite a profound breakthrough realisation in the middle of it. It was clear truth on a tough decision I have been mulling over for quite some time. I was quite blown away by it. Reiki is such a precious gift. "



"I had been under some considerable stress for quite some time with work and battling noisy neighbours.  I had developed psorasis on my legs and arms, but the final straw was when I began to suffer constant digestive trouble, and was feeling angry and frustrated all the time.  A friend recommended having Reiki treatments, and I found Mamta through a Google search.

After the first treatment I became aware that although these problems were causing me a large amount of upset, they weren't at the root of what was wrong.  My long-term relationship had suffered a pretty major breakdown the year before, and I realised I hadn't come to terms with the grief caused by that. I had been locked into negative thought patterns ever since which was affecting every area of my life in ways I hadn't realised.  

The Reiki energy broke those negative thought cycles straight away which enabled me to deal with the emotions I had buried, and a great weight lifted away leaving me feeling like myself again.  Several weeks on my digestive trouble has completely cleared up and the psoriasis is beginning to fade away.

The process is so gentle that I never felt anything was being thrown at me I couldn't deal with, and it clarified my mind and healed my body.  Everyone should have Reiki in their lives - I found it an incredibly valuable experience."



"My neck has been stiff and unable to turn properly to the left for over 2 years. I have been working on it for some time, but it was this Reiki session that released it. Amazing!"



"I've known a couple of very good Reiki practitioners in my life and am delighted to say that I now know three. I consulted Mamta recently as a result of having upper arm and shoulder pain for no obvious reason which just wouldn't heal. She promptly recognised something quite different from a very brief description of my symptoms, I was not convinced but as I felt she was trustworthy I continued with what I'd started.

What I was suffering from was a kind of corporal expression (other than weeping) of grief at the loss of my wife some time earlier. Reiki got to the core of it, released a whole lot more pain and then healed the parts that needed healing. Five treatments later and I am happy to say the symptoms have almost entirely passed and I feel a whole lot better. She is undoubtedly genuine, her sincerity and compassion make her a first class Reiki practitioner. "



"I really enjoyed my experience with Reiki and felt so calm and peaceful within myself afterwards."



"My partner and I really reaped and are still reaping the benefits of the treatment the other day. Michael is always buzzing on adrenaline, with the pressures of his business and pushing himself physically on the jobs, which he often feels is burning him out but it's difficult to relax with the repetition of everyday life. The reiki worked! We both rested so well for a couple of days. And still, it seems we're operating in a much more calm state. Michael also mentioned he felt he broke through a 'thought barrier' :)) Me too. Great. I do find it so depressing when I have a negative thought pattern chasing its tail around my head! I'm so thankful for the reiki last Sunday for both of us - thanks:))"

O. M.