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Reiki Classes Testimonials

"I got in contact with Mamta by phone. As soon as I heard her voice my nervousness got taken away and I felt like I am safe near her. On the first day of our course she not only welcomed us students into her home. She as well welcomed us into the world of Reiki. A world of healing and guidance. Ever since the class I am kinder with others and myself, more grounded in stressful every day situations and released troubling and suppressed emotions with inner peace. Whilst class you are aware of this strong energy flowing through the room, which Mamta channels through her teachings and blessings. I left the class in wonder and awe for Reiki and life and it inspires me everyday. I highly recommend to anyone to feel this wonder and awe with the great help of Mamta!"

Anja Wille


"Mamta is one of those very special people who radiates positivity and a profound sense of calm. There's something quite ethereal about her! It was an absolute pleasure receiving a Reiki treatment and learning Level 1. It felt like something I needed to do, but I can't really explain why - it turned out to be a hugely enriching experience. There are lots of Reiki Masters who are teaching in London now, but the fact that Mamta's lineage is so strong, combined with living and breathing the practice of Reiki , makes you feel reassured to know that you're in the safest hands. "

Kirsty B


" Firstly, I am very much thankful to Mamta Nanda. The connection and contact happened through internet but never thought that the step taken will be so much beneficial in all aspects of my life. I have firstly undergone treatment by Mamta and decided to join the course of level 1. I have really enjoyed each moment. The four days of the class were so much memorable. Each words and teachings of Mamta were so positive, helped me to find the right attitude and meaning to life, find positivity even in negatives. Reiki healing class is something I think every human should learn and definitely it makes one's life better, calmer and profound. Reiki is simple to learn- beneficial lifelong. As Mamta always say, Reiki healing is just like investing and keeping money in saving's account. I have found Mamta extremely dedicated, wonderful teacher."



" Just finished the course and found it quietly therapeutic. I really enjoyed being with all the people in the class as I think it helps you feel like you're in the right place and you can share experiences which will hopefully help others. The simplicity of the course and the fact that anyone can do Reiki is appealing, furthermore its self healing so its free to practice. I dont think its a quick fix but its a definite step in the right direction and the most profound results will probably be felt over the course of your life as it aims to bring you closer to nature and more in tune with the universe. There's only one way to know if Reiki works, invest the time and go with an open mind and I am sure you will feel its holistic benefits from the first minute of the class."



" I have just completed my Reiki 1 and feel blessed that i was able to experiance this with Mamta. Mamta teaches Reiki in such a beautiful way and i am glad i took my Reiki Journery with her. Mamta's truely caring and kind personality, her advise and words of wisdom have provided great insight into various issues that have been bothering me recently. I highly reccomend her for a treatment or Reiki courses :) . Mamta takes a keen interest into post workshop experiances of students and provides frequent Reiki shares where here students can all practice Reiki on eachother. "



"I feel I was so incredibly fortunate to meet the wonderful person that is Mamta, with whom I did Reiki 1 this year. It's been quite a journey, during and after that weekend. Mamta practices and teaches the original form of Reiki. I got so much more than I signed up for when I began my Reiki journey with her. She offers continuing support to her students after the class. She runs Reiki shares, she welcomes and encourages her students to phone or email her, and she stays in touch via email herself. She is very involved in the worldwide Reiki community, so she will let you know and encourage you to attend any Reiki events happening around the country, often with Reiki Masters from our lineage who travel from overseas. Mamta is just an amazingly peaceful, kind and caring person. I'm glad I followed my gut instinct when I chose her to do my course with. Words can't quite explain what I have gained from my Reiki experience with Mamta. She is absolutely dedicated to Reiki and well-being, she has also given me so much great advice in conversation, regarding healthy eating, cycles of the Moon, following my heart....I do feel blessed to have crossed paths with her. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you Mamta, I really hope to see you in Australia sometime :)"



"I finished my reiki 1 course with Mamta the last february, I have to say, I was so sceptical at the beginning, also I had some talks about reiki before i took the course. Finally i decided to take it, I've been under lots of pressure and stress, and periods of anxiety and depression for years in my life, always thinking negatively. I was a bit desperated when I went to meet Mamta. She explained me that Reiki is not magic, to not think that would make the problem disapear like this in one moment. I said ok. she said to me that the best way is to not expect too much, reiki would help me little by little day by day. well two months has passed.. from the date a finish the reiki course with Mamta, i have to say that: I feel like reborn!! is unbelievable, i wake up every morning with a really good mood, and keen to rule my life. I used to be in this state, when i was a child, i feel so happy, like she said to me you feel lighter, i think reiki is bringing the best of ourselves, like Mamta explained to me, make us better human beings, is amazing!"



"I Finished Reiki course some weeks ago , i have find it amazing. Reiki has helped me to be more calm and see life in another perspective. I think its a gift to learn Reiki from Mamta. In a Reiki treatment or in the Course you could fell all the time her calm and warm. You can always count with her because she would support you all the time. Lovely Experience, with a Lovely teacher!"



"I have had contact with Reiki since I was 16, but I have never had the opportunity to go to the Reiki course. This year for my birthday I told my boyfriend I would love a reiki course. I thought I would have to find it, but he looked for it, he found Mamta and told me when I was going to do it. I think it is the best present I have ever received, because it is part of me, and it will be always there, making life nicer. To give Reiki as a present for somebody you love, it is a great gesture, it is to give the tools for happiness, for healing yourself and others.  After the first few days with Reiki practice, I felt lighter, I felt like there is a place where I can always go and feel safe. No one teaches us how to meditate when we are little, society is focused in making people productive, but they forget about wellbeing, this is why we need to find the ways for happiness, and to be able to stop our routines, and listen to our bodies. It is difficult to explain, everybody should experience Reiki. I am really grateful to my boyfriend for his present - I pay him back with reiki sessions :), and also to Mamta, for being so caring with strangers, transmit her peace, and give us the tools for finding the balance in life."



"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course. I feel like I'm on a new journey in my life and I can't thank Mamta enough for giving me the skill to do so. I truly believe this will enhance my life and hopefully the lives of many others around me."



"I had been interested in exploring Reiki for some time so I finally decided to seek out a Reiki practitioner to experience a treatment before going on to do Reiki 1 course. I was so lucky to find Mamta through a google search. She warmly welcomed me to my first treatment and spent time explaining the principles of Reiki and what I could expect. The treatment took place in Mamta's attic room, which had a wonderfully calming atmosphere. After the treatment I felt wonderful, as if a great weight had been lifted. I had another treatment with Mamta before I did the Reiki 1 course. Reiki 1 took place over a weekend, where I shared my experience with two other students. The course was informative, uplifting and spiritual, led by Mamta who was so patient and caring to each of us. I have learnt so much and can now self treat and treat family and friends with confidence and great results. I am now working towards and looking forward to Reiki 2. I know I will not be disappointed. "

Barbara Holliman


"I really enjoyed the Reiki I course with Mamta. As soon as I met Mamta I knew she would be a fantastic teacher, she's one of the calmest people I know and you cant help but warm to her! As the course was over a few days it gave me a chance to put into practise what I had learnt and ask any questions over the weekend. I also met some amazing people on the course who I was also able to learn from. I would highly recommend learning Reiki with Mamta, she is also there for you after the course should you have anymore questions."



"I feel lucky to have found Mamta (using a Google search!) when I was looking into learning Reiki . Her warmth and kindness was clear from our first phone conversation and I had an incredibly powerful first treatment with her. Reiki 1 was amazing - a peaceful, educational, nurturing weekend - and I came away feeling as if I had had a wonderful mini break! Learning Reiki has literally felt life-changing and I am looking forward to taking Reiki 2 with Mamta in future."