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Reiki Testimonials for Pregnancy, Mothers & Babies


"When I was six  months pregnant, I got an overwhelming urge to have a reiki treatment having favoured massage or reflexology treatments in the past.  My internet search led me to Mamta and I found the treament so soothing and relaxing and practically fell into deep sleep.  Afterwards on chatting to Mamta I was excited to find out I could also learn to self treat and enjoy more of this peace and relaxation.  

Learning Reiki with Mamta proved a Godsend when a few weeks later I developed complications in my pregnancy and I had to go into hospital.  I remember sitting in ante-natal department for hours waiting for tests, results, doctors etc and self treating to keep myself calm and sending healing to my baby. She was delivered early and everything went well. 

A newborn comes with hectic demands and there is definitely a marked difference on days that I self treat because I feel calm and things seem 'to fall into place' then the days that I don't it can be quite chaotic.  Am soo.. glad to have Reiki in my life because no matter where I am, I can experience peace and relaxation no matter what else is going on around me.  Life will always have ups and downs and I recommend learning Reiki with Mamta or at least booking a treatment to experience it for yourself."



An article from my Reiki student, Sally Hunter about how Reiki helped her with Post Natal Depresion. This article was published in the Autumn 2010 issue of Reiki Association Magazine TOUCH.


"My name is Ana, I am from Portugal, but I live in London currently. For quite a long time I was interested in Reiki, because I've heard from some friends about how good it is and its benefits!

I tried twice in Portugal to do the level one class, but somehow it didn't happen.... then I had another try in London, and that didn't work either. I managed to contact all these people to do the Level one, but somehow I never went, for one reason or another!

Then I got pregnant and the day I went for my first scan, and I believe this is no coincidence, I was waiting at the wrong place, and it was there I saw the leaflet about Reiki for Pregnant woman and babies!!!

I wrote the email and after I realized I was in the wrong place for my scan I had to run to the right place for the scan!!!!!

I contacted Mamta a few days later and I just had a great feeling about her. At that moment I had not much money, so it was all in stand by for a while and one day I wrote to Mamta again and made an appointment just to talk to her about Reiki! We had a lovely talk, and it was just a week or 2 before her level one course! It was perfect timing!!!

I received a Reiki session that night and I could straight away feel the power of Reiki, something that was totally strange to me. I went home full of energy and more sure than ever that I really wanted to do the level one Reiki class!

So I went for it. I was 25 weeks pregnant by that time. The level one class was embraced by a wonderful and magical full moon and an amazing group of 6 people!

After the level one class, I have been doing self treatment regularly, and the more you do the more you want to do and the more you feel. I could feel this amazing heat from my hands all the time (even if I was not doing Reiki) and a calm and relaxing sensation, every time I was doing it!

I have become really passionate about Reiki. Everything suddenly started to make sense in my life and flowing in the right direction, without any pressure, which in pregnancy is essential!!!!

But the most amazing feeling was, and still is, the feedback from my baby!!! It was, and still is amazing, feeling Julia (my baby) moving every time I am doing Reiki!! It makes me believe that I did the right thing not only for myself, but especially for her!

I had an amazing (another) opportunity of a 4 days Reiki Share organised by Mamta. This was with an amazing group, once again! These 4 days were very powerful and the energy with all of us giving Reiki treatments to each other every day was just beautiful and connected! You always get to meet amazing people when you go to a Reiki event which is a blessing!!!!

I still do self treatment every night, sometimes even twice a day, and I must say that its helping me a lot.... the last weeks of pregnancy are not easy, I am quite uncomfortable, and I have to stay calm and relaxed somehow... Reiki really helps!

As the time passes you get more anxious... you can be worried, and just by putting my hands on my belly my little Julia tells me "Mummy I am ok!" Especially because I am 5 days over due...first baby, the worries are double!!! Everything is new and I don't really know what to do sometimes!

Reiki can guide you, and inspires trust! Like Mamta says, you can never do anything wrong with Reiki! So, just putting my hands on my belly.... helps! And then I just trust Reiki, because I know that it will do what is best!

I highly recommend Reiki, for pregnancy, I am very happy that I did the level 1 class at this special time of my life, and I am sure that I am not the only one to get the benefits of it!

I have to thank Mamta, because she is very special .... she gives all the support you need after the class, or in any other case, and she is always there for you!"

Ana Cardetas


"I was very impressed by Reiki and the way that Mamta used it to find out the areas which needed attention, both with my own circulation and with my little baby boy's digestion. She had a very reassuring and calming impact on us both, we fell asleep next to each other during the treatment. It was a magical antidote to the physical and emotional stresses of my early motherhood and his life in the outside world."

Sally Bridgeland


"Before I attended a Reiki session with Mamta I was feeling very anxious and frustrated. I am a first time mum, a single mum and also an older mum (I'm in my late 30s), so having my son was a major life change. In addition to that, I delivered him by emergency cesarean and had to deal with the physical limitations that can impose after birth. Inwardly, I was concerned that I may be suffering from mild post-natal depression, but I didn't want to tell anyone because I felt guilty that I wasn't 'appreciating' my new baby.

Ethan, my son, did not seem very happy either. He was a bit constipated, gassy and cried quite a bit. I saw an ad for Mamta's Reiki sessions and thought I would give it a try. I've been three times now and both Ethan and I are so much happier. I feel like I am much better able to cope and I also feel that Ethan is feeling better. His constipation is gone, his wind has decreased, he is sleeping much better and he smiles a lot which is such a joy.

As for me, I feel like I am bonding much better with him and that I am much more able to handle the stress of such a big transition. I feel so happy that I am enjoying everything now. I'm convinced that Mamta's Reiki sessions have made an impact on our physical and emotional well-being.

Mamta has such a caring and patient manner that I was instantly at ease with her. She's also very gentle with Ethan. I would recommend a session to anyone who is feeling difficulty in coping with a new baby or has a baby who is difficult to calm and/or is having troubles with digestion or sleeping. It's certainly made a world of difference for my son and I".

Marybeth Grant


"I am a mother of three and live in South London . During my third pregnancy, I became anxious and stressed . Previous labours had been natural but various medical problems had occurred. I was anxious and concerned until I met Mamta who introduced me to Reiki.

For me Reiki really was effective. I could feel mamta's hands gently on my body, I was surprised to feel the heat transmitted to me, a warm feeling in the areas that were being treated. Each time I would fall asleep.

My husband even called Mamta during my labour for her to send Reiki healing.

Recently after my beautiful daughter Jessica was born we went to see Mamta. Whilst breastfeeding Jessica on my side, Mamta treated me and it was bliss, I fell asleep!! A beautiful experience.

Mamta gave me a valuable tool to use in my pregnancy I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her calming approach to life itself is truly inspiring."

Lisa Franklin

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"In July my husband and I suffered a miscarriage and the Reiki Mamta gave us helped to heal our bodies and minds quickly and I believe assisted me to have a completely natural miscarriage with no medical intervention, and inspired me to learn Reiki myself.  Thank you Mamta'

Sophie Miller