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Metamorphic Technique in London with Mamta - testimonials

"I was feeling stuck at home with a small baby and the winter weather was not helping plus the year was coming to an end and I was thinking about going back to work (the real world) and feelings of anxiety were overwhelming me.  I wanted to have a Reiki treatment with Mamta but on looking at her website I realised she is also trained in metamorphic technique.  I read about it and it seemed ideal for the feelings I was experiencing. I bookeda session and I found it totally out of this world!!  I was so.. relaxed that after the session I had to lie down for 20 minutes.  Following the session a lot of things have shifted and anxiety has been replaced by excitement for the future.  I have lots of different ideas about flexible work which will suit my family life and I have also made the step to a new hobby - dancing! as a way of having fun and losing the baby weight.  I would not have had the courage to do this before.  I thoroughly recommend the metamorphic technique with Mamta and I will definitely be booking another session."