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Case Histories


Anecdotal evidence shows that Reiki in pregnancy can help to relieve both physical ailments such as fatigue, nausea, aches & pains, indigestion, as well as emotional tension and anxieties, helping the woman sleep better, feel more relaxed, positive and connected with her baby. If the mother is relaxed during pregnancy, the baby is also relaxed and therefore calmer, happier and healthier; and the mother is more likely to have easier labour.

During labour Reiki can help to ease pain, calm anxiety and keep the mother focused (and as research shows, the more relaxed a woman is during childbirth, the less likely she is to need medical intervention).

•  Stress, Anxiety in Pregnancy: One client, stressed and anxious when she first came to see me, received regular Reiki during the last month of her pregnancy, with four consecutive daily treatments just before the birth. i also sent her distant Reiki during labour. She had a normal birth without any complications - one of the reasons for her anxiety. She now has one of the happiest and calmest babies I've ever seen, very alert and responsive for her age. The mother has no doubt that Reiki has helped them both tremendously.

•  Aches & Pains in Pregnancy: Another client had suffered pain in her abdomen for about 12 weeks during pregnancy. Her scans were normal and the doctors could find no cause. After an hour's treatment she got off the couch, tried to explain where the pain was - and was unable to locate it.

•  Nausea : A client had been suffering from quite acute nausea. She had a Reiki treatment and the nausea settled down. She also found it easier to sleep after the treatment.

Feedback from most pregnant clients is that they feel less anxious, less tired, less stressed, better able to cope with life.