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Case Histories

Post Natal Recovery, Babies & Children

The balancing effect of Reiki can be very helpful to help balance the hormones postnatally and help the mother recover after giving birth. Reiki can be helpful not only for mothers who have had a difficult birth but also help other mothers as it can help reduce the probability of post natal complications like depression...

Many mothers say that they find it easier to cope with their new baby after receiving Reiki and that their babies are more settled, sleep better and are easier to look after.

Babies respond more quickly to Reiki than grown ups do. Reiki can help babies to sleep better and assist with reflux, colic and teething. Babies who suffer from reflux can also benefit from Reiki as they often sleep better, cry less and are usually happier in themselves.

Post Natal Recovery: A mother who'd been suffering continuous abdominal pain following a Caesarian six months before found her pains had disappeared after one treatment and her abdomen, which had felt cold ever since the C-section, now felt as warm as the rest of her body.

 Post Natal depression, Colic, Sleep: A single mother trying to cope with a 7 weeks old baby after a caesarean birth. On her first visit, she was quite unhappy, finding it difficult to cope with the baby. The baby had a very sad look and wasn't responsive. The mother said that he was quite unsettled at times, had phases where he would keep crying for no apparent reason, would keep waking up through the night. They both had Reiki for about half an hour each the first week. On the second visit, both of them looked much happier. The mother said that she was feeling much better, more positive compared to the week before. She felt better able to cope with the baby. And the change in the baby was remarkable, he was smiling, he looked happy, he was responding when I talked to him, he was much more alert, looking around showing an interest in the surroundings. The mother said that he had been much more settled during the week and he was sleeping for at least 6 hours at night. When asked what she thought could have caused such a change, she could only think of Reiki.

Premature Birth: Reiki can be very beneficial for premature babies. A baby born 8 weeks early was having digestive problems. After a couple of treatments he was gaining weight at a rate that was better than expected, and was much more relaxed and settled. His reflux and straining had also eased.

Reflux: I treated a little boy for the first time at 3 months old. He was unsettled, had acute reflex and couldn't drink more than a couple of ounces of milk without being burped. By the next week he was beginning to smile. The mother said that he was sleeping better and could bring up wind much more easily. A week later, he was responding with lovely smiles and sounds, was much happier within himself and was sometimes able to drink a whole bottle of milk.

Fear, Anxiety: On her second visit, this mother brought her older boy (about 3 years old) along as well for a treatment. We were told later that he used to be very reluctant to go and play in another room in the house by himself. But that week, on Saturday morning, he woke up quite early. The parents told him to go to his room and play by himself. They were very pleasantly surprised to see him go to his room and play there happily till they got out of bed.

Colic: One restless 3 month old would not lie down the first time she came to the clinic and could only be treated whilst being breast fed. The second time she came, she seemed much happier within herself and was happy to lie on her back while I treated her. Her body wasn't as tense and stiff as the previous week. The mother said that she seemed to have turned a corner. The third visit, I treated the mother first while her baby lay happily playing and singing to herself. I recently heard from the mother that they were both doing really well and the baby was being "a lovely poppet".

Constipation: A baby was constipated and was not able to get back to his birth weight twenty days after the birth. With one Reiki treatment for him and his mother, the mother informed me two days laster that his stools had returned to normal and he had almost regained his birth weight.

Illness, recovery & sleep: Another mother asked for distant Reiki to be sent to her children when they were unwell. Very positive feedback the next day. The children had slept through the night despite being unwell, and were playing happily together. This was after several sleepless nights when they wouldn't even leave her alone to go to the toilet in peace.

Infections, immunity, concentration: Her two year old son was prone to catching infections. She felt that he hadn't been the same since his MMR vaccinations. He also wouldn't sit still for longer than a few minutes and as a result, it was quite a challenge to even treat him. After this happened the second time, I sent him distant Reiki over four consecutive days. On his next visit to the clinic, this little boy sat and played with the same toys that he had refused to play with on his previous visits while I gave him a Reiki treatment. The mother mentioned that the day before, at a gym class, she was pleasantly surprised to see him listening to the instructor and following instructions. She also feels that since he started receiving Reiki, he is much more like he used to be before the MMR vaccination.

Injury, bruising, swelling: My ten year old fell off a roundabout in a playground and banged her nose quite hard on the ground. I could see bruising & swelling on her nose, and knew she could be walking around with a black and blue nose for the next few days. I gave her Reiki right away for about 20 minutes. I always carry a homoeopathic emergency kit in my handbag so I gave her some arnica too. The swelling started to subside right away. I gave her another Reiki treatment when she was going to bed that evening. The next morning her nose looked almost normal. One could hardly tell that she had banged her nose quite hard the day before.

Mothers with older children: Reiki can help mothers at any stage. It can help reduce stress, and stress related symptoms, raise their energy levels and thereby help them enjoy motherhood, being with their children. If the child is sensitive mother can give them Reiki to help them feel more settled. If the child is suffering, the mother can give them Reiki to help alleviate the suffering rather than watch them suffer helplessly. Giving Reiki can help mothers stay calm in the midst of an emergency situation.

Miscarriage: Reiki can be particularly beneficial when things do not go well. A couple came for the first treatment just after they had been through a miscarriage. Reiki helped them both tremendously in their recovery and healing process.