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Case Histories

General Conditions

Migraine: Reiki can provide pain relief. One client came for a treatment, when she had been suffering from Migraine for the past two days. She rang me two days later to say that when she left after the treatment, she had just a mild headache, the migraine had gone.

Recovery after Surgery: Reiki can be beneficial when recovering from surgery. Reiki supports our natural healing mechanisms thereby helping us recover more quickly after undergoing surgery.

A client came 4 weeks after she had gone through surgery on her left knee. When she came she mentioned that there had been no progress in the recovery process in the two previous weeks. She had a very intense first treatment and she rang me later that day to say that after she left the clinic, her left knee felt almost normal. She came for four treatments over the next two weeks, and reported that it wasnt just her left knee that felt better but also the right knee which had been operated on about a year earlier. She also mentioned that after the reiki treatment, she felt as if a cloud had lifted, and she could concentrate on her studies for the first time since the surgery. She said that it almost felt as if the effect of the anaesthetic had not cleared completely till then.

A client who'd been suffering continuous abdominal pain following a Caesarian section six months before found her pains had disappeared after one treatment and her abdomen, which had felt cold ever since the C-section, felt as warm as the rest of her body after the Reiki treatment.

It can be very beneficial to have a Reiki treatment before the surgery as it can help the client relax and be more receptive to the surgical procedure. This can help with the recovery process afterwards.

It is possible to have a Reiki treatment as soon as the effects of the anaesthetic have worn off as Reiki is gentle, non invasive, and it can be combined with conventional medicine. In fact Reiki can be very beneficial immediately after the surgery as patients often feel quite disorientated when waking up from the surgery. Receving Reiki after the surgery can help reduce the need for painkillers and their associated side effects. Reiki can help cope with the side effects of all the medication that one needs to take when undergoing surgery.

Reiki can help reduce the possibility of complications after the surgery as it helps with the recovery process in a balanced manner.

Reiki can be supportive after emergency surgery, where the risk of complications is high & the recovery process slower, as it heals on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Grief/bereavement: Reiki can be very helpful when coping with the loss of a loved one as Reiki heals on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I treated a client who came for Reiki treatment because of pain in left shoulder. From what he said it became apparent that he was grieving the loss of his wife who had passed away two years earlier. This was now beginning to manifest as pain at physical level. The pains got worse after the first two treatments. He had a very good awareness of how Reiki works, ie it brings things to the surface to clear them out so the symptoms can worsen to begin with, and that if this happens it is a good sign as it demonstrates that Reiki is healing those symptoms. So he did not let it put him off. He continued to have more treatments and after 5 treatments he is feeling much better - not just physically but emotionally as well.