A question I am asked quite often is – how often do I need to receive a Reiki treatment.

I found myself saying to a new client recently that – Reiki is an Eastern tradition. Focus is on maintaining the state of wellbeing. It is much easier to maintain and enhance wellbeing. A lot more effort, ie no. of treatments are needed to restore it. Therefore it is best not to wait till one feels unwell.

Fortunately, she heard me and came for a Reiki treatment after about two months, while she was feeling okay, not struggling, not feeling unwell. She simply felt it was time for another treatment.

While giving the Reiki treatment, I felt in such treatments, received while one is feeling well, Reiki can not only help maintain our wellbeing, Reiki can help enhance it. Reiki can help us move closer to peace and joy. Reiki can help us align with the natural rhythm of life and synchronise with the Universal flow. Reiki can help us bring closer to our centre, our real self where all this resides and lots more.