reiki treatmentIt is always beneficial to receive a Reiki treatment from another person. However there are times when a Reiki treatment can be extra helpful.

We can be more vulnerable to catching bugs during change of season.  So this can be a good time to support ourselves with a Reiki treatment as Reiki can help boost the immune system and help us adapt to the changes in the environment!

It is very beneficial to receive a Reiki treatment regularly. How often to have a Reiki treatment depends on what is happening in our life. For high stress levels, weekly treatments are recommended. For chronic stress or for a long standing condition, a more powerful way of experiencing Reiki healing is to start with four consecutive Reiki treatments as each day Reiki healing can go to a deeper level.

During pregnancy, it can be very beneficial for the mother to receive a Reiki treatment regularly. Once a month is good, once a week is ideal. When the mother is well and relaxed, the baby benefits too. It is also very beneficial to have at least one Reiki treatment as soon after the birth as possible to help with post natal recovery.

Receiving Reiki treatments from another person requires time and money. If receiving regular Reiki treatments or four consecutive Reiki treatments is not feasible, listen to your inner guidance to decide how often to receive Reiki treatments. Do what you are drawn to. Honour what is coming up in your awareness. So for example, if you think of Reiki, it is your inner self guiding you. Perhaps the Universe guides us to what we need through what comes up in our conscious awareness.  I believe that the first thought is the guidance. The but‘s and what if’s that may follow is the mind/fear based thinking.

It is natural to seek Reiki healing when we are suffering. It is also helpful to know that it is better to receive a Reiki treatment when we are well as it takes fewer treatments to maintain balance and enhance our wellbeing. It can take more treatments to restore health once we are unwell. So please listen to the whispers of the body and go for a healing session when you can. It is better to listen to the whispers so that the body does not have to shout at us to get our attention. Just as it is easier to remove a weed when it is small, it takes less effort to restore health before a condition becomes firmly established. Just as we have to look after our car with annual service and MOT, it is worth treating ourselves with similar care.

If money is an issue, it is still possible to receive a Reiki treatment. If you have learnt Reiki, you can attend a Reiki Share where you are able to give and receive Reiki treatments either for free or for a small cost. You can also swap treatments with other Reiki students in your area. If you are self treating regularly, supplementing daily self treatment with receiving a Reiki treatment from another person periodically – even if it is once a year – can be very beneficial.

Learning Reiki can be a very cost effective way of benefiting from Reiki healing as it enables you to give a Reiki treatment to yourself every day. Attending a Reiki class is not just about learning the practice but it can be a profound healing experience.