TV remote

Do you enjoy cleaning or do you think it is crazy to even consider it being enjoyable! Do you prefer to delegate it? If you do have to do it, do you do it reluctantly or willingly?

When the television remote caught my eye one morning, I noticed how dirty it was. I can be pretty good at procrastination, but this once, I started cleaning it right away. It helped to remember that it was the waning phase of Moon. It is apparently a good time for cleaning, clearing, letting go. I have learnt to trust that action taken at a physical level can have an effect at other levels too – mental, emotional and spiritual. If I take a small step in the right direction, it seems as if the Universe starts to help as well.

While cleaning the remote, I found it interesting to observe that despite my usual cleaning efforts, the remote did not look much cleaner. I soon realised that I had to clean not just the top and between the buttons, I had to clean all the four side edges of each button as well.  This experience made me wonder about the times when the same issue keeps showing up, when the same pattern can keep repeating, especially when I thought I had dealt with it. It can be disheartening. In that moment, it felt as if this is one of the reasons why a daily practice is important – to be able to clean/clear many different facets of the issue. I know that Reiki heals the cause, not just the symptoms. Perhaps this is why Reiki can sometimes feel slow, because it is taking care of the many different facets of the issue.

It is so easy to get caught up in what am I doing wrong when the same issue shows up repeatedly. Or maybe I am not doing something I ought to be doing! This insight gives me hope that I am on the right path and I need to continue doing all that I have been doing to look after myself. I have simply been cleaning many different facets of the issue I have been struggling with.

At this time, I also realise that I do not have to wait for everything to be clean, tidy and perfect before I can be happy. My goal today is to be able to connect with joy, and allow love to flow, even if my critical eye spots the need for some cleaning!


Mamta lives, practises and teaches Reiki in London, UK.