Are you feeling as if rug is being pulled from under your feet, be it metaphorically or literally! Please know that you are not alone. We are being pushed, yes it can seem as if pressure has been building up. Any knocks, shocks or pressure that seem to be showing up at this time is helping us to remember and realign with what we are here to Master. Each one of us is here to learn and Master something unique. This unique gift is to help us to serve. It seems to be part of our life purpose.

I fell over on Friday. Fortunately, it was not serious. Trying to welcome what happened and reflecting on what it is helping me to see, I felt this full moon in Aries, on October 13th, is helping shine the light of awareness on what showed up at Aries New Moon in April. Around 5th April to be precise.

So do try and remember what new seeds/intentions were planted in your being, what was moving/surfacing in your consciousness at that time. There seems to be a definite connection between what happened then and now.

If moon can affect the oceans, it is bound to affect us too. After all we are more than 80% water!

Feeling grateful for realising this connection between the Full Moon, and the New Moon earlier in the Zodiac cycle. Also feeling grateful for my daily practice of Reiki and Yoga that helps make these connections.