sunrise highbury foelds

I have lost my wallet twice in the last few years. So I started to store some extra cash in a zipped pocket in my handbag. I had put £100 in the pocket recently for a payment I had to make. I took out the money to make the payment, ended up not having to make the payment so I put the money back in my bag. I was a bit distracted so the money did not go back in that same pocket!

The next day I needed the money for another payment. I looked for the money in the pocket where I usually store it and I could not find it. Initial response was worry – have I lost the money! The next worrying thought was – do I have enough money in my wallet to make this payment! Fortunately I did, as I could not have paid with a card.

On the way home, I decided to stop off in the park, and sat on a bench under the trees. There I found the money but it was in another pocket in my bag!

In that moment it felt as if this is how life works. We are born with all that we need in this lifetime. In the growing up process we tend to forget about some of these abilities, or they might get hidden or misplaced. But they are still there inside each one of us.

When we need these abilities, we tend to think – I don’t have this ability or I don’t have enough. This probably changes to ‘I am not enough’. With time this belief turns into anxiety and can show up as ‘Will I be able to cope the next time I need this ability?’

In that moment I remembered a similar experience where being in nature, with Mother Earth, had helped me remember what I seemed to have forgotten.

Another trick I am finding helpful when I forget something, I try to welcome it as an opportunity to remember who I truly am. I feel this is being kind to myself and so much more helpful than berating myself for being forgetful or looking at it as a sign of aging or not being mindful!

If it is true that we are born with all that we need in this lifetime, surely a vital key to this remembrance is in our early years. Perhaps this is another reason why it seems so important to love and heal our inner child. Surely the child within can help us remember where the ability to laugh, to have fun, to express ourselves, to be at ease, to breathe comfortably may be hidden or how it got suppressed.

I feel so grateful for Reiki, my daily spiritual practice that helps me listen to the whispers of life and receive such insightful gifts from seemingly mundane events.