cloud heart

The Reiki events that I have offered over the last couple of months have had very unpredictable attendance. I did not know till the last minute how many people to expect. Sometimes people had to cancel at the last minute despite having the best intentions to attend. I have been though a range of emotions each time – from disappointment and annoyance to not feeling valued.

When I go through a challenging experience like this, where the pattern keeps repeating and I do not know what to do, I do a Reiki sending using my level 2 Reiki practice. In this sending I ask for what this experience is helping me to learn or become conscious of so that I can move forward in life for the best outcome.

What I received from this sending was that I was not feeling valued. This resonated with me deeply in other spheres of my life too. I realised that feeling valued has to start from within me ie I have to value myself. I know that I cannot change other people. The only person I can do something about is myself. I have also learnt that when I become aware of something, the healing process begins for me. When I heal and change, the energy ripples out to all the people in my life. This is the energy that goes to the collective consciousness.

I also realised that valuing myself is deeply connected to loving and accepting myself. I feel that when we love, value and accept ourselves, we are more open to receiving this from others too.

I find it very interesting that these thoughts about loving, valuing and accepting myself are surfacing at this time, approaching Valentine’s Day. I feel that it is even more interesting that Valentine’s Day this year is on a full moon. It seems like we have lots of cosmic support this year. New Year – January 1 and the Chinese New Year – January 31 were on a New Moon – implying new beginnings. For Valentine’s Day we seem to have the full moon shining the light of awareness quite powerfully on deepening self love and self worth for some of us.

If this resonates with you and you would like to deepen self love, self worth, self acceptance you can join me: level 2 Reiki students can send Reiki for being able to integrate the energy of the full moon to realise the highest potential of self love, self worth and self acceptance for the best outcome for all; level 1 Reiki students can do a self treatment with this intention. If you have another spiritual practice, you can do that practice with this intention. I feel that simply holding this intention in our awareness will help. I love Eckhart Tolle’s words “awareness brings transformation and freedom”.

With deep gratitude to all the people in my life who have helped me with this realisation; and to Ana Cardetas for capturing some evidence of cosmic support in the clouds.