I feel very grateful for the NHS in the UK. However I feel sad to see the NHS staff suffer from so much stress and illness. I feel that they would be able to serve their patients so much better if they were able to look after themselves better. Having experienced the benefits of Reiki myself, over the last eleven years since I learnt Reiki in 2001, I have felt that the NHS staff, indeed all carers, would be able to serve better if they had a practice like Reiki in their lives. So I was really happy to receive this feedback from a student who works as a nurse:

“Since the Reiki course I have felt very grounded, peaceful and much more content. I have also felt more energised and physically well. As a nurse I have also felt I am better able to look after others as I feel stronger and perhaps more intuitive.”

Thank you Anna for sharing the benefits you have experienced since learning Reiki.