I am often asked about when to do Reiki self healing.reiki self healing

I learnt Reiki in 2001. In the first few months I found that if I left it for later on in the day, some days it just did not happen. I soon realised that it would be helpful to build the Reiki self healing into my routine.

For me the best way to ensure that it did happen was to start my day with giving myself a Reiki treatment on waking up. Even if it meant setting my alarm for waking up 15 minutes earlier I felt that it was worth it as 15 minutes of Reiki is probably equivalent to an hour of really deep sleep.

When I go to bed at night, again I put my hands on myself and give myself a brief Reiki treatment then too. Doing some Reiki self healing at both ends of the day meant that I was doing at least half an hour of self Reiki every day.

This morning I read the following words in an online article by Matthieu Ricard and felt inspired to share them with you as they articulate the benefits of starting and ending the day with Reiki self healing very beautifully:

“The most important time to meditate or do other types of spiritual practices is early in the morning. You set the tone for the day and the ‘fragrance’ of the meditation will remain and give a particular perfume to the whole day. Another important time is before falling asleep. If you clearly generate a positive state of mind, filled with compassion or altruism, this will give a different quality to the whole night.”

As Reiki is my spiritual practice I found these words to be very helpful and supportive.

With gratitude to http://www.cygnus-books.co.uk/magazine/2012/02/what-is-happiness/ for sharing Matthieu Ricard’s article and to Phil Slade for the photograph.