Last year I gave a brief 10-15 minute Reiki treatment to a five year old boy when he was unwell, suffering from a Mother Baby logo for ReikiwithMamtalingering cough that was keeping him awake at night.

A few days ago, his mother rang me to book a treatment for him as he was suffering from a similar cough again. She also happened to mention that the brief treatment that he had received from me last year had helped him hugely and had gotten rid of the cough. He had liked Reiki so much that he had been asking his mother to give him Reiki.

He had another brief treatment and the cough disappeared again. Now his mother is interested in learning Reiki so that she can give him Reiki herself.

Getting such wonderful feedback made my day and I wanted to share it with you.

Children don’t usually sit still for a full one hour treatment. Also they may not need a long treatment. The energy flows so beautifully well in their being that they respond really quickly to even a brief treatment.

Autumn is the time of year when lots of people can be suffering from coughs, cold and viruses. Reiki can be really beneficial to help them recover more quickly. As a Reiki practitioner I feel that I don’t have to worry about catching an illness when giving a Reiki treatment to someone suffering from an infectious illness. I look after myself by self treating everyday, receiving a Reiki treatment from someone else regularly. I find Reiki protects me.