autumn leavesI have been contemplating grounding while healing from an injury to the right shoulder when I slipped on some wet autumn leaves last month. I have found it helpful to realise since this experience that I tend to leave the body and lose my centre when I feel hurt, or when I am leap frogging from one thing to another! Do you know what takes you away from your centre?

Most of us know how valuable grounding is, and we long for it. Just longing for efficiency does not work. In fact it can create imbalance. I am learning to remember the polar opposite for balance, I need to remember the inefficient part also. Trying to hide it, or pushing it away does not help. One of the least helpful things I can do is try to fix it! I feel so glad when I catch myself trying to fix something.

What can help is welcoming this inefficient part, holding it with love and compassion, accepting it in the heart can allow it to be integrated, it is part of wholeness of life. I am learning to give this inefficient part time and attention, give it a voice and listen to it. Journalling can be very helpful with this. Allowing this part to take as much time as it needs can sometimes help the transformation happen in the time needed to blink the eye. I hope and trust that if I can give the inefficient part attention at a time of my choice, it may not need to catch my attention repeatedly and unexpectedly.

There are many layers in the process of grounding, centering and presence. I am asking life to teach me to be present in the moment, in the body and help me find the next step on this path. Perhaps each one of us holds a piece of this jigsaw. I would love to hear what helps you to be present, especially in the moments when the inefficient part shows up!

I love how Reiki can help bring thoughts together and help progress healing.