Feeling low seems to be part of natural rhythm of life. Rhythm of heartbeat is contraction and expansion. Rhythm of birth is also contraction and expansion. So is the rhythm of breath.

To me, depression seems to happen when we get stuck in feeling low phase and cannot move out of it easily. Having support of someone who is kind, not scared, and is willing to accompany me during such times can be amazing. But it may not be always available. What can I do myself, how can I help myself – is a question I love to contemplate.

I cannot help wondering if what is needed during such times is hope and resilience. Reminding myself that ‘nothing stays the same forever’; remembering that expansion follows contraction gives me hope.

Resilience – the ability to bounce back from the low phase, just as grass can bounce back from being stepped on. I cannot help wondering if a simple natural remedy worth trying would be to spend time with the grass, connecting consciously with it, sitting on it, lying on it, lying face down with head resting on the hands may be even better, or walking barefoot on the grass.

If this is not an option, there are other ways to connect with the natural intelligence embedded in the grass. This year I started sprouting wheat and spelt grains. They taste quite sweet and nice. I add them to yogurt and have this for breakfast with some fruit and soaked nuts and seeds.

A few weeks later, I planted some of the sprouting wheat grass seeds in a small container. I was amazed at how easy it was to grow. I want to grow fruit and vegetables like I see so many other people doing. And I cannot. This makes me feel I am not good at growing things. Maybe I just need to grow what I am meant to!

I love watching dew drops or rain drops resting on blades of grass, catching the rays of sunlight reflecting the colours of light when I can slow down. When I can see a simple drop of water light up, shine brightly and reflect gold, silver, red, green and blue, it seems like a rainbow has come down to Earth. Something simple like this can help me connect with joy and feel better.

Seeing a twig lying in the grass made me feel as if it was reminding me to smile, telling me – ‘fake it till you make it’!

grass smile

What do you find helpful when you feel low?

I am amazed at all these realizations, all these connections happening inside me. I did not even have to take photos of grass for this post. I had been taking photos of grass and not even realized why! I feel very grateful for my daily Reiki practice that has helped awaken this conscious connection with nature. I am teaching small in-person Reiki classes outdoors, please contact me if you would like to learn Reiki with me.