With warm weather approaching, (we can always wish for a nice, warm summer in the UK!) I thought of sharing a seasonal tip to keep you well hydrated. Drinking water can also help with detoxification. I switched over to using charcoal stick to filter water a couple of months ago. I am so glad I did. I much prefer the taste of charcoal filtered water. It has a sweetness and does not taste bitter anymore. The thought of reducing plastic usage with not using plastic filter cartridges also helps.

Charcoal stick for filtering water seems to be a Japanese tradition. I got a charcoal stick from Planet Organic, put it in a regular glass jug I already had and got started. I do not have any affiliate links with planet organic or any other charcoal vendor. Just sharing what I did, in case you may find it helpful.

If you wish to improve the taste of water even more, make it more refreshing in hot weather and indulge your sense of smell, you can add slices of cucumber, lemon, a sprig of mint, or even rosemary. You can either try one thing at a time or play with creating your own combination that appeals. Leave the water to infuse for a few hours and it can taste wonderful. You do have to look after the infused water, rinse the jug/bottle every day, discard previous day’s water as it can spoil overnight, especially as the weather turns warmer.

Drinking water with gratitude helps raise the vibration of water even further. Our body is more than 80% water. Drinking water, especially good quality water, that tastes delicious and has high vibration, nourishes the body profoundly, in ways beyond imagination or understanding.

Wishing you a perfect summer, with plenty of warm sunshine, not too hot, not too wet, just right!

Please do share your experience of filtering or infusing water in comments below. It is fun to learn from each other’s stories.