Having a new client early in 2019, a mother with a 10 weeks old baby, helped me to feel really happy. It made me wish for more such clients.

Perhaps it helped me to reconnect with my original inspiration for starting public Reiki practice – to support mothers with babies and children; to support women during pregnancy, to support new mothers who may be struggling to cope with the changes a baby can bring in our life, or with post-natal recovery, or with an unsettled baby, or with sleepless nights or simply with finding enough energy to make through the day especially in the first few weeks of being a mother.

Reiki can be very supportive with all the above and more.

I don’t usually do any special offers. However, at this time, I feel inspired to offer 90 minutes Reiki session for mothers with new babies – upto the age of 6 months – for the price of a 60 minutes Reiki session. The longer session will allow me time to treat both the mother and the baby. Yes babies can also receive and benefit from Reiki. Yes, it is ok to bring the baby along. It can work quite well till the baby is mobile and crawling!

If you know a mother who could benefit from Reiki, please feel free to forward them this information so that they can contact me to book a treatment.

It may be helpful to read some Testimonials from mothers who have benefitted from receiving Reiki treatments, especially about my first happy mother and baby clients in this photograph from Reiki Magazine International in 2005.

Looking forward to supporting more mothers and babies so that they can enjoy this special time together ….