I love receiving the same message from more than one source on the same day, it can feel quite magical!

Earlier in the week, I woke up one morning reflecting on Change - about how we may struggle with change. If change is what we want ie something new in our life, and it comes too slowly, we struggle with the discomfort of being able to manifest it. Sometimes change can come quite quickly, before we may be ready to receive it. And we may struggle to adapt to the new!

Perhaps the underlying layer to this is our relationship with Time. After all, this realm that we live in, the Relative realm as it is called in some cultures and traditions, is the realm of body, mind and Time. Perhaps we are in this realm to experience the limitations of body, mind and/or time. So why are we unkind to ourselves when we struggle, thinking I am not doing what I need to do, or that I am doing something wrong!. Perhaps one of the keys to being able to navigate these times of struggle with ease, is to accept what is happening with gratitude. It seems easier to know things at a conscious level. It seems much harder to integrate it at a deeper level, to feel it so that I can live it in everyday life – especially when I am going through some deep discomfort. Perhaps this is the difference between knowledge, which is easier to acquire, and wisdom. Wisdom seems to come from either within, or from the Source or through practice and experience.

Perhaps when change seems to come slowly, I am being given the time I need to prepare for and adapt to the new. I feel so grateful for my daily Reiki self treatment practice, which helps me connect with the inner self, and the Source to be able to receive the light, strength and wisdom I need to be able to navigate life with more ease.

Later that morning, going to the garden I saw a squirrel. It is quite unusual to spot a squirrel in my garden. It did not scurry away on seeing me but came quite close to me. I felt it was bringing me a message. And on looking up the animal wisdom, the message I got was:
‘One thing you can be certain of in an uncertain world is the inevitability of change. So be adaptable and come into harmony with the cycles of change.’

On a practical note, one of the things that came up in the morning reflection with Change, was theĀ  need to manifest a replacement boiler before Winter, and it has been taking time to find the right solution. The Squirrel wisdom started with the phrase ‘Squirrel teaches you to plan ahead for the winter’.

Then it got even more interesting. Going on to check the emails, I discovered the meditation message for the day:
“It is wise to bend rather than to break. Those who change will get spiritual wisdom. Conversely, those who have wisdom will decide to change. Change is the first law of Nature. In fact, change is the mark of Time.”

This reinforces my belief that we are all really connected, much more than we can imagine. And not just with other people, but to all life forms. I did not used to feel this way. Feeling very grateful to the daily practice of Reiki which helps me see life this way.

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Sharing this photo of a beautiful sunset, taken from my garden.