I felt deeply touched by the day 9 meditation offered by Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey. The centring thought for the day ‘My loving truth shines for all to see’ was accompanied by the Sanskrit Mantra ‘Yum’ focussing on the heart centre.

It seemed so appropriate to be focussing on the heart as we need to listen to our heart to allow our loving truth, our light to shine. What came up for me during the meditation was that I need to allow myself, ie give myself permission for my loving truth to shine. What holds me back is my fears – fear of being judged being one of them.

I felt so nice during this meditation that when it came to an end, I did not want to come out of that meditative state. So using my Reiki level 2 practice, I started to send Reiki for giving myself permission to allow my truth, my light to shine so that I can be who I am here to be and serve as I am here to serve for the best outcome. I was sitting in the garden all this time. Suddenly the Sun felt very hot on my face and I started to turn away from it. The thought that came up then was that even The Sun has people turning away from it, moving away from it. This does not stop the Sun from shining. So why do I allow myself to be so affected by what people might think.

I trust that this thought will support me the next time I am feeling anxious about expressing my loving truth. I may not always remember it but I trust that the seeds have been planted into my consciousness and will blossom with time.

With huge gratitude to Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey for offering this 21 day free online meditation for miraculous relationships. I feel that these meditations so far are helping enhance self awareness for me and will hopefully lead me to have a better relationship with myself.