Reiki Mothers day gift

‘What is a good present to buy for your mum for Mother’s day?’

I would give my mother the gift of a Reiki treatment because this could turn out to be a gift for life, not just for the day. If she likes the Reiki treatment, I would give her the gift of learning Reiki next time ie book her a place on a Reiki class. Anyone who would like to can learn Reiki. No special ability or experience is required. Reiki is quick and easy to learn and to practise. We can use Reiki in our daily lives, for ourselves, for friends and family, children or animals and even plants.

I am a mother and find Reiki invaluable in my life.

I also taught Reiki to my mother, and to my father, and they found it very beneficial.

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Mothers tend to put other family members first and themselves pretty far down their priority list. Having Reiki in her life could transform her life and give her a tool to enhance her own wellbeing. When we are feeling good, we are in a much better space to look after others in our life. Who knows, one day if you are suffering, your mother might be able to give you a Reiki treatment and help you to feel better…

Maybe you are looking for a gift for someone who is pregnant, or maybe you are looking for a present for the mother of your children….

Please contact Mamta to purchase a gift voucher for a Reiki treatment or for a Reiki Course.

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