I love Instinctive Meditation. After trying many different forms of meditation over the years, I have found the meditation practice that works for me. I love the flexibility of the practice. It is not prescriptive. I don’t need to sit still. I am free to follow my instincts and be how I need to be, do what I feel drawn to doing in each meditation session. I can move, dance, sing, read, write, weave, cook, go for a walk – anything that I would like to do! This practice is about love – loving life, loving this breath, welcoming the present moment, discovering what I love so much that I would want to meditate with it so that I look forward to each meditation session. When I find something I love, it feels effortless. I am learning to trust that life loves me and each one of us, unconditionally. I love learning that meditation is an instinct, we already have the ability to meditate, it is not something new we have to learn. This intelligence is built into us just like the stress response is. In fact meditation is the opposite or antidote to stress response. The Instinctive Meditation practice has evolved from:

  1. Ancient Yoga tradition from the sanskrit text Vijnana Bhairava Tantra* interpreted by Dr Lorin Roche in the text Radiance Sutras.
  2. Scientific research on the physiology of meditation in the last 50 years that proves meditation is the antidote to stress response and it is an effective and powerful way of enhancing wellbeing.
  3. Dr Lorin Roche and his wife Camille Maurine’s experience of teaching meditation over the last 50 years working with tens and thousands of people from all walks of life and all levels of experience – from complete beginners to experienced meditation teachers.
  4. Camille Maurine’s unique approach to inner exploration and creativity that integrates the fields of meditation, yoga, dance and theater.

* To me Tantra can be interpreted as an instrument for the body, providing meditation techniques for facilitating being in the body; just as the word Mantra can be interpreted as an instrument for the mind.