crab apple leaf autumn

Nature is always magical. It seems especially magical at this time with the glorious autumn colours. So many trees are displaying their beauty as if trying to catch my attention and saying – Look at me.

I have been feeling particularly drawn to a sequoia tree in my local park. I love its sweet fragrance. Sometimes I can sense it from quite far away. Sometimes I walk around it trying to catch a whiff of it. The fragrance seems to relax my nervous system. It helps me feel as if I can breathe clean pure fresh air despite being surrounded by streets busy with traffic in the middle of London.

After being with this tree I make my way to a pine tree. Today I realized that pine is the Bach remedy for guilt. In that moment it felt as if the tree was helping transmute this emotion, my tendency to blame myself, feeling I could have done better!


Standing under this tree, the gorgeous colours of two crab apple trees nearby caught my eye, with the realization that crab apple is the Bach remedy for cleansing and letting go. I have been admiring the autumn colours of the leaves of these two trees for days now, not realizing the healing available from the tree. Apparently crab apple can help with the quest for happiness, and to connect with the whole rather than over focus on little details.

crab apple autumn

I love walking around trees blessing their roots. And sometimes I enjoy walking in infinity loop pattern between two trees. So this morning the loop included the pine tree and the two crab apple trees. Now looking up these two remedies, I am learning that pine and crab apple are often used together for skin conditions.

I am grateful to mother nature for helping me remember what I need to remember and for such realisations and connections. I am also grateful for my Reiki practice and my Reiki teachers for helping me learn about Bach remedies and deepen connection with nature, especially through the Reiki Precept:
Show gratitude to every living thing.