Wellbeing has many different facets. Some of these are easy to talk about and facets like bowels are not so easy to mention. I was delighted to receive this feedback from a new client who received four Reiki treatments recently. Feedback like this is deep nourishment for my soul. I feel it is really important to be able to talk about issues that may seem crude but are profoundly important for our wellbeing. It seems to me like a very important natural rhythm has been restored for this client thanks to the four Reiki treatments that she received. Hopefully other rhythms will synchronise as well.

This feedback is a wonderful example of staying open to the benefits Reiki can bring – how Reiki can flow to the area we most need, not necessarily the area we wish to see change in; how Reiki can touch the parts of us we least expect. This client clearly came for the four Reiki treatments with a different motivation. But the area in which she experienced healing was quite unexpected – and not so easy to talk about! I am so grateful that she had the wisdom to listen to her inner prompt and share this invaluable feedback.

‘Sorry to be crude but about a year ago I stopped going to the toilet regularly, I tried increasing my fibre and even went for two colonic irrigation’s but nothing changes. Weirdly it didn’t cause me any physical pain or side effects at all, I was just perplexed about why I struggled so hard to go to the toilet and would go up to a week at a time without a bowel movement.

When I came to see you for Reiki treatments, it wasn’t even in my mind because I was so used to it, it didn’t bother me anymore, but since receiving four Reiki sessions I have had daily movements. I think the stomach bug I seemed to have during the sessions was in fact some sort of purge. I just feel so much better.

It was such a pleasure to be in your presence and I just wanted to thank you for your healing, I’m sure you’ve done more for me than I even realise and I’m so grateful for that.’

Thank you, DEM. Thank you for capturing the essence of Reiki so beautifully with your words – Reiki has done more for me than I even realise. Reiki is a subtle practice, it always does much more than any of us ever realise.

And Gratitude is indeed one of the essential ingredients for healing to occur.