Restorative Yoga (RY), to me, seems to be effortless* Yoga. It is about being rather than doing. It is about resting in a Yoga pose comfortably, using props creatively to support individual needs for improved alignment and comfort so that one is able to rest in the pose for long enough to be able to relax more and more deeply with each breath and observe what is happening. Relaxation allows space to be created inside, wherever it is needed at that moment. This space allows the flows within to happen more optimally. And the breath starts to flow with more ease, nourishing the whole being, at every level that one needs.

RY helps us to be at ease in the pose so that one can be still for long enough to allow whatever is held within that no longer serves us, to surface and be released or alleviated. Through this process of relaxation and release, the natural state of wellbeing can be gradually restored.

To me, Restorative Yoga makes the Yoga Sutra – Sthira-sukham-asanam - more accessible. I interpret the word Sthira as stable and steady and Sukham as comfortable, even blissful. Restorative Yoga helps make Yoga poses more comfortable, so much so, that one can rest in a pose for longer periods of time to be able to experience and savour sweetness, nurturing and comfort. These qualities, with continued practice, are not just experienced on the Yoga mat but start to flow over to the rest of the life as well.

*There is effort required in setting up the pose but once one is in the pose, there is no effort required to be in the pose. One simply needs to rest and observe.