Winter frost on grass

I had been feeling so cold this winter – and it is not just because I am getting older! I had been feeling guilty about having the heating on for longer than I used to. The house still did not feel warm. I had started to think there was something wrong with the heating system. It was when I heard a friend say pretty much the same thing she was experiencing in her home that I felt there was something deeper going on here. This got me reflecting on the gift of cold weather. I felt that if I can figure out the value of cold weather, it might help me cope with the cold. There are only so many layers of warm clothes I can wear! I was beginning to wish I could be like the four legged creatures who do not need layers of warm clothing or heated homes in the cold weather.

I know the conventional wisdom is about moving the body as it helps the heart to function well, optimising the blood flow, helping it to reach the extremities, warming the cold hands & feet. At an inner level I felt that there are other ways to nurture the heart too so that it can function better and help me stay warm. I wanted to be able to welcome the natural rhythm of the seasons and not be wishing for Spring/Summer just because I could not cope with the cold.

I am a Gemini. I am curious. I like asking questions. So I started asking my heart ‘What do you need?’. I used my discomfort as a reminder to talk to my heart. I did not get an answer straightaway but the heart started receiving some care and attention each time I talked to it.

I felt that taking a few conscious breaths at the same time would help me to be in the present moment where I will be better able to receive an answer. I visualised the in-breath rising from the deepest, warmest part of the Earth flowing to my heart centre and the exhalation returning the burdens in my heart back to Mother Earth. In that moment, all the work I have been doing with Reiki, Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Family Constellation healing, Shamanic healing and Soul Plan healing came together. It felt as if the burdens my heart has been carrying, the unfelt emotion carried at soul level, was being returned to Mother Earth with the help of all the beings who love me and agreed to help me in this lifetime. I did not feel alone in that moment, I felt that I had the support and love of many beings. It felt just right to be with the breath and Mother Earth – two things we have only in this realm, while we are in the body. I feel that Mother Earth has an amazing ability to transform our burdens & stress to love and joy, just as she transforms waste products to fertiliser needed for the new growth. Later I realised that the words, HEART and EARTH are anagrams and contained in the word BREATH, at least in English language! It helped me to see the connection between the three and feel the synergy of working with them together.

It seems that through feeling cold, my body was trying to get my attention. Listening to it helped me figure out a way to let go of the burdens carried in the heart so that it can be lighter and function better and help me to stay warm.  This may sound too good to be true, but it has been easier to get out of bed in the mornings. I no longer wish to stay burrowed under my warm duvet all day! I still need warm clothes and the heating but not so desperately anymore. I am not worrying about how I would cope with the cold weather just in case I do not have the warm clothes and heating!

I realise that it is easier to acquire knowledge but not so easy to integrate it and feel it. Sitting in a circle, with our community can help take it deeper within our being. The synergy of the group is exponentially more powerful and can help to let go of what may be getting in the way. Once the connection is made, the flow continues.

There are many uplifting, heart centred events being offered at this time of year. Please find a circle, a group event near you. If you are in London, I would like to invite you to a Meditation circle on Monday January 2nd, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, N5 1PU.  Cost: Voluntary donation. Please contact me for more information or to book a place.