With change comes uncertainty. Sometimes this process can be highly anxiety inducing. The changing Political landscape in the UK in June 2016 and now in the US is invoking anxiety for many of us.

To me, it feels important to be with the emotions that are coming up so that they do not get suppressed. I know from personal experience that it is not easy to be with the discomfort. In such moments, I find the Mindfulness Breathing meditation technique really helpful – Breathing in I am aware of the anxiety, breathing out I send it love. This technique helps me to be with the emotions and also helps alleviate them. Also emotions are a message from the Soul. By allowing the emotions to flow through me, I have the potential to be able to receive the message from my Soul.

Over the last few days I am realising that I have a choice. I can either feel like a victim and go into fear/constriction mode. Or I can empower myself by asking the question – “How is this situation serving my life purpose at this time?”

A daily spiritual practice like Reiki, Meditation, Yoga can be wonderfully supportive to calm the inner agitation and be still to be able to receive this message from my Soul. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a couple of conscious breaths, as deeply as I can, exhaling as fully as I can to be able to connect with my Soul. All the answers I need, are within me – what is my role in the changing situation, what is my next step, what do I need to do today; how to empower myself to be able to change my inner space so that the outer falls into place. I have to be still, be present, be willing to go within and peel away the layers of misperceptions about myself and about life that hide these answers.

I have also been drawing comfort from the Peace Mantra ‘Om Sahana Vavatu‘. The essence of this Mantra is – May we all be protected, may we all be nourished, May we able to work together despite our differences.