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Last few years I have been so disillusioned with the Politicians, that I had disengaged with the political process. But the Referendum and its aftermath is helping me to change. Brexit has touched my emotions in unexpected ways. It brought forth disappointment, fear and anxiety to begin with. It has challenged me and I feel willing to engage with the process unfolding around me.

The day of the Referendum, I was at my daughter’s Graduation ceremony. That same day, she moved back home with all the stuff she had accumulated in the last 3 years. She returned to what was and is her home. But while she was away, I had become used to not having her around. It has not been an easy adjustment to have her back each time she has come home in the last 3 years during the holidays.

I love my daughter and really want to enjoy our time together. But I could not help feeling the emotions that came up each time. I did not just feel cross with her, more importantly I felt cross with myself. When I experience discomfort in a relationship, I find it helpful to ask the question “What is their soul helping  my soul to experience”.

This time, as she and I were feeling cross with each other, we started hearing the News about Xenophobic incidents all around the country. Being an immigrant living in the UK, it brought up anxiety for myself, my family and my friends. I felt that I could always move back to India but my children were born here and they think of themselves as British. This is their home, their Country, they do not feel at home in India like I do.

With all this emotion and discomfort surfacing, I asked the question “What is this situation helping my soul to experience”.

The next morning I woke up with the realisation that what was happening in the country with Xenophobia, was playing out in my own home too. Mercifully at a smaller scale though. Much as I love my daughter, I was struggling with sharing what I had started to think of as my space.

Somehow this realisation helped me to see the ways in which I can be intolerant. It seems to have helped bring a part of me that I was not so conscious of, into conscious awareness. It is not a part that I am happy to own. But I know that as I become aware of it and accept it, I will not keep getting triggered by it unexpectedly.

I feel something softened inside me and it helped transform the relationship with my daughter and we were able to enjoy our time together before she went away for two months. With the astronomical cost of housing in London, she is going to live at home when she starts work in September.

Thinking of the housing crisis in London, I felt that so many young people are having to share their living space. I know that is not always easy and that people do struggle with it. I felt that there must be so much unhappiness about sharing, in the collective consciousness as a result. Making more affordable homes available will help, but is not really the complete solution as it is simply not feasible to match the number of homes to the number of people who would like to come and live in London. Perhaps one aspect of this crisis is to reflect on what this situation is helping each of us to become aware of! Awareness brings transformation and freedom from the patterns that can keep repeating and cause discomfort and unhappiness.

I know that I cannot go around telling other people to change or to do or not do things in a certain way. But I can harness the power of the discomfort I am experiencing, by asking the question ‘What is this situation helping my Soul to experience’. I find the answer comes in its own time. Just as I cannot rush the time it takes for a plant to come to fruition, I cannot always receive the answer straightaway. But simply through asking the question, I am letting the Universe know that I am open to receiving the answer. And the answer comes when I am ready to receive it. Trusting that a solution has also been made available for me, alongside a challenge that I am experiencing helps me to not go into fear and therefore constriction mode, feeling anxious about what do I need to do. Perhaps all I need to do is to take a few conscious breaths. I know it helps me to be still, and be in the present moment. This is really important to be able to receive the solution. Just as I have to be at home to receive a parcel that I am expecting to be delivered!

When I heard Theresa May promise to make Brexit a success earlier this week, her words touched me. Somehow at an inner intuitive level, it helped me to feel positive about the whole political situation. I was reminded to share these thoughts with you. I feel positive about her becoming the Prime Minister (PM). I know that I am feeling positive now but it may not stay the same. I may not always agree with the choices and decisions that she will make as PM. But in such moments, I trust that my daily spiritual practices of Reiki and Yoga will help me to stay present. I find the Mantra Om Sahana Vavatu very helpful for restoring peace and harmony when I find myself in an uncomfortable space disagreeing with others.

Somehow I feel more positive about the whole post Brexit situation.  So much so that I can even bring myself to feel gratitude towards Michael Gove for playing his part in the Tory leadership campaign and stopping Boris Johnson from entering the race!

I wish for a government that will help improve the well being of all the people in this country, and will play a positive role to help restore peace and harmony in the rest of the world as well. I am willing to play my role in this process, in alignment with my life purpose. Doing what I am here to do, being who I am here to be in this lifetime is vital for living  life with peace and joy.

At this point of time, I do not know how this will unfold, what do I have to do, but I feel okay with not knowing for now. I trust that my daily spiritual practices of Reiki and Yoga will help me find the path forward.

Loved this photo of Theresa May that I found through Google on DailyMail website.