Millet breakfast porridge

For breakfast, I have been having rolled oats soaked overnight in Yogurt (home made yogurt is so much nicer than the shop bought one) . The next morning I add some seeds & nuts that I soak in water overnight, separately from the oats. With lots of fresh fruit this dish does not need any extra sweetener. I have been enjoying almost the same combination of chia seeds, pumpkin seeds with walnuts, banana with some fresh berries or peach/nectarine, for quite a few weeks now.

Then in the last couple of days, I started to feel like a change. This morning I really enjoyed Millet porridge cooked with cinnamon, turmeric, a pinch of salt and blackener,  topped with coconut milk. The milk was completely absorbed. I know that organic does not always taste nicer, but organic cinnamon truly tastes better. I added some chia seeds soaked in water overnight. Lots of fresh fruit РI had bananas and strawberries today. Sat in the warm sunshine in the garden and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing breakfast listening to the birds singing, sitting on the grass, present in the moment. Sheer bliss :)

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