Love london

Living in London has many many advantages. Yet like anything else, it is a mixed blessing. Living in London comes with the challenges of living in a large city. Coping with the daily commute, especially in peak hours, is getting increasingly diffcult. I was reminded of the challenges of this aspect of life in London while reading the funny yet quite insightful article in the Online publication North Four titled Inner peace in Inner London. Along with Yoga and meditation, it was a delight to see Reiki being included in the article and Reiki with Mamta being featured in it.

Reading the article reminded me of Zen Master, Thich Nhat Hanh’s talk in London a few years ago that I had been to. He was asked about staying kind and mindful while coping with being pushed and jostled on the train journey to work, with the need to have to push your way onto a train carriage in order to get to work on time. His reply was give yourself more time, leave home earlier.

I also remembered a tube journey a few months ago. I happened to be sitting opposite two chidren who were about 4 to 5 years old. They were looking at everything with wide admiring eyes – fascinated with and marvelling at everything that we, as grownups, take for granted. I could see the mother starting to feel embarrassed at their attitude. Maybe it was their first tube journey!

I felt very grateful for being able to see the tube journey through the children’s eyes. I felt glad to be reminded that each tube journey is indeed a technological marvel – yet we take it for granted. We can get so annoyed when the trains do not work and we are late getting to our destination. If we can feel grateful for all the times it works and helps us arrive at our destination with relative ease and punctuality – we may not feel as cross when it does not work. If we can start each journey with gratitude, the energy in the stations, the tunnels and the roads will be more positive. Who knows, it may even help the transport network to continue to function more efficiently! After all gratitude is a form of love. And it seems easier to see how love can nourish our relationships and help them to function better.

I feel really grateful for my daily practice of Reiki that helps me see life this way.

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