Sat Chit Ananda – this was the mantra for the day 3 meditation offered by Deepak Chopra with Oprah Winfrey. What came to me in my morning meditation was that Sat means truth, Chit is consciousness and Ananda is bliss. When the truth of our existence comes up to our conscious awareness, it can help us to live our life in alignment with our truth and lead to peace and joy.

The truth of our existence is connected to our essence – the answer to questions like ‘who am I’, ‘why am I here’, ‘how can I serve’.

The sun in Scorpio is about being able to see what is below the surface, and apparently we have the truth within us. We simply have to go deeper within, shed the layers that are cloaking the truth, and be open to receiving the answers to our questions. The full moon is helping shine the light of awareness on what is hiding below the surface. I feel that the full moon tomorrow on the 17th November, 2013 is a really good time to do this inner work.

I love using my level 2 Reiki practice for inner work like this. I used it to send Reiki to integrate the energy of the full moon, for my truth to come to my awareness in order to live my life with peace and joy.

I feel that integrating the energy of what is happenning in the zodiac helps me to do what the universe is helping facilitate for us. Hopefully this way I will be less likely to be caught up in the monthly opposition between the sun and the moon and more likely to bring harmony in my life.