Autumn is the season for pomegranates. I have been enjoying them so much this season. Trying to eat with mindfulness, I was struck by how beautiful they are when they are opened on the inside, the seeds shining like little jewels sometimes – and I feel inspired to share this.

beautiful pomegranate seeds

I have grown up in India with “ek anaar sau bimar”. Anaar is the hindi word for a pomegranate. One meaning of this Indian saying is that one pomegranate can help with a hundred ailments. And indeed pomegranates have the superfood status these days.

I have been enjoying the pomegranates on their own for breakfast. Apparently it is best to have fruit first thing in the morning.

Recently a friend came over with houmus and pomegranate seeds. I had never had this combination before and it was a delight to discover. The pomegranate seeds not only look beautiful sprinkled on houmus, but the combination is delicious.

Another friend posted a picture of this platter of food on Facebook that she had preKale, orange, pomegranate saladpared for her family – Kale, orange and pomegranate salad.

Hope you enjoy this seasonal light hearted offering. Do leave a comment if you enjoy pomegranates and would like to share your favourite way of enjoying this beautiful fruit.