Apparently Libra new moon is all about balance, especially in our relationships. I love the thought of working with what is happening with the stars and the planets so that I can go with the universal flow rather than having to swim upstream. So using my level 2 Reiki practice, I often send Reiki to integrate the energy of what is happening in the zodiac, in my being.

This new moon, I felt that I was asking for balance in all my relationships, not just with the people in my life, but my relationship with everything in my life, eg my fears, my mind and my heart, my anger, my anxiety… I asked for balance between my body, emotions, mind and spirit. I also asked for balance in my relationship with my Reiki practice – my personal Reiki practice, my public Reiki practice and my teaching Reiki practice.

I suffer from asthma. So today I sent Reiki for balance in my relationship with my breath. During the sending, a thought appeared that with each in-breath I am open to receiving all that I need in my life – health, happiness and abundance; and with each out-breath , I am open to letting go of all that does not serve me anymore, and I am open to giving all that I am here to give.

Following on from this, a thought came that each time I pray or send Reiki to ask the universe for help, if I balance the request with giving – so that I can give what I am here to give or serve as I am here to serve, I feel that my request or prayer is more likely to come to fruition.

I am not an astrologer. I love reading what the astrologers say about what is happening with the planets and stars. It was one particular blog post that started all these thoughts. If it is our misperceptions that cause suffering then the thought of letting go of what does not serve me anymore seems very appealing. Reading about Libra’s mother Dike, and dissolving one’s position to enter the center or balanced state resonated deeply with me. Thank you Dana Gerhardt.