A couple of days ago, a thought occurred to me about ‘forgiving myself’. Before this when I would think of forgiveness I would think about forgiving others. It had not occurred to me till yesterday that I needed to forgive myself too. Using my level 2 Reiki practice I sent Reiki for being able to forgive myself and experienced a very deep healing with lots of tears flowing. I feel that tears are my body’s way of letting me know that emotions are beginning to flow and it seems to be a resounding ‘yes’ from my body that I am on the right path.

This helped me to realise that when I am not able to forgive myself, I withdraw into myself; I withdraw from the relationship and build walls around my heart. And if this is how I treat myself, this is how I would treat others too because this is the only way I know of being.

‘Om Vardhanam Namah’ – As I love and honour myself my relationships blossom. This was the Mantra and the centring thought from the Day 3 meditation offered during the 21 day online meditation on miraculous relationships by Oprah Winfrey & Deepak Chopra. As I was listening to it today I felt that from being able to forgive myself, it would be easier for me to love and accept myself. And from this space of being able to honour myself, it would be easier for me to honour all my relationships.

I feel that the seeds have been planted within me and with time they will blossom and nurture all my relationships.

I would love to hear what forgiveness means to you.

ps: If you are a level 1 Reiki student, you can ask the universe for support during your daily Reiki self treatment. If you are not a Reiki student yet, but would like to learn Reiki, you can find out about my next Reiki class on my website.