After Reiki, I am most passionate about my Metamorphic Technique practice.

I had been feeling stuck with my own personal healing process over the last few days. I received a Metamorphic Technique session from my husband yesterday (I know I am very lucky as he does let me coax him to give me a session from time to time :) ) and had an amazing insight soon after. This helped me feel more at ease within my body.

Thinking of all the talk of the energy of December 2012 being about transformation, I feel Metamorphic Technique can really help those of us who may be feeling stuck at this time.

I gave a Metamorphic Technique(MT) session to a client today and felt wonderful myself – and she did as well. She had a baby 6 months ago and after the session she felt so relaxed and so much better that she wished all new mothers should be prescribed a MT session after giving birth.

I learnt Metamorphic Technique in 2006. I feel really grateful to my teacher Tripuri Dunne for introducing me to this technique.

If you would like to have a Metamorphic Technique session in London, you can contact me. If you would like to find a Metamorphic Technique practitioner elsewhere, you can visit the Metamorphic Association website for a list of practitioners.

If you are interested in learning Metamorphic Technique, I can recommend my teacher Tripuri Dunne. She is teaching Metamorphic Technique course in London in January 2013.