let reiki teach youWe have all heard the words ‘let Reiki teach you’ when we first learn Reiki. What does it mean and how do we feel about this concept later on as we progress further on our Reiki journey. Now there is a wonderful opportunity to find out. Phyllis Lei Furumoto has chosen this as the new theme for the weekly interviews she does with Reiki students from all around the world. These interviews are available on http://www.reikitalkshow.com/

The first interview this month with Leslie Grasa was beautifully inspiring. It was a great feeling to be reminded of how Reiki teaches us, supports us and the wonder of it all.

Phyllis started doing the interviews in 2007. They are all archived on the Reiki Talk Show website. I have been listening to them from the beginning and feel that they provide an invaluable resource to deepen my Reiki practice. It has been great to be able to learn from Reiki students from all around the world, from the comfort of my own home.
Quite environmentally friendly I think :)