Tripuri DunneWonderful interview on Reiki Talk Show with my Reiki Master, Tripuri Dunne. Phyllis Lei Furumoto interviewed her yesterday, November 18th 2010, on

Amazing stories told with beautiful simplicity.. and the love and warmth in Tripuri‚Äôs voice that comes across is truly inspiring….

I had heard some of these stories before from Tripuri but Phyllis has managed to draw them out really beautifully in the context of a discussion on healing and curing.

This interview was broadcast yesterday, 18th November 2010 at 9 pm GMT. It is archived on the website, just like all the other interviews that Phyllis has been doing since July 2007. These interviews provide a great resource to deepen our Reiki practice through listening to wonderful Reiki stories from people all around the world.