Reiki Principle - Just for today do not angerSomeone I love had not been very nice to me recently. So I was feeling quite angry and not very loving towards them. I knew that the Reiki principle ‘Just for today, do not anger’ was coming up to challenge me but I was not able to shift the anger or to start being loving again. Everytime I was in the same room as this person, I could not help feeling angry with them. I did not like being in this angry space. So before going to sleep last night, using my level 2 Reiki practice, I sent Reiki to the situation – for it to be resolved for the best possible outcome for both of us and for me to be able to learn whatever lesson I needed to learn from this situation.

This morning, when I went to facebook I saw this message and it really touched me:

We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.
— Marianne Williamson

I have to confess to going to the computer everyday in the morning to check my emails and have a quick look at facebook!

Then I read the daily meditation message from one of my favourite books ‘Opening doors within’ by Eileen Caddy: ‘You can never give too much love, so don’t be afraid and try to withdraw the love flow, even when you are rebuffed. When this happens it is easy to close up your heart and withdraw for fear of being hurt. Do not do it, it will only make you hard and brittle, and in that state you will never be able to help another soul, for no one is drawn to someone with a hard, unloving heart. Use wisdom and understanding in conjunction with love, and in this way you will keep the perfect balance. The primary lesson of life is to learn to love. Waste no time and learn that lesson quickly.’

If you have been following my posts you would have seen other references to this book. As you can tell by now I read the daily meditation message in this book regularly, and it has really helped me over the years to grow and develop to be a better person.

I feel that the universe was sending me the same message from two very different sources so I had to do something about it. The first time I was told what I had to do, but still did not know how. So the second time, the message was reinforced and I was also given the why and how information. I loved what the second message said about using wisdom and understanding to achieve balance. With all that I have been learning in my Reiki practice, life is all about balance and love. So using my level 2 Reiki practice again, I sent Reiki for me to be able to raise my consciousness to be able to love all the people in my life, for me to be able to use wisdom and understanding with love for the best possible outcome for all concerned.

I feel much more uplifted, positive, loving, understanding and compassionate after this experience. This was in huge contrast to how I was feeling earlier – really low and just wanted to go back to bed.

I feel that Reiki has really helped me to start thinking of what I can change so that this person does not feel angry and resentful towards me. When I was angry I was not even willing to start reflecting on what I may have done or not done to cause them to be angry.

This experience has taken my understanding of the precept ‘Just for today, do not anger’ to a deeper level. Next time you are experiencing this emotion, please try and reflect on the experience and see what it brings up for you.