I just answered the following question Looking after ourselves when offering Reiki treatments to others

‘Have been treating Reiki therapists who have had to stop giving treatments because of lack of energy. Is this common, and if so why.’

and thought of sharing my reply with you too. Here is what I said:

‘There are over 100 different forms of Reiki being practised in the world today. As you can imagine Reiki practitioners are being taught various different ways to look after themselves.

I am a student of the traditional form of Reiki as it was practised by Mrs Hawayo Takata who brought Reiki to the west from Japan. What I have been taught is the best way to look after ourselves when offering Reiki sessions to members of the public, is to self treat regularly. I give myself a Reiki treatment everyday. I also make sure that I receive a Reiki treatment from someone else (preferably from a practitoner who self treats regularly) periodically.

Reiki is all about restoring balance. Before being able to help others, we have to be able to heal ourselves. Therefore it is important to spend some time after learning Reiki to strengthen ourselves by self treating regularly (preferably everyday), by making sure we have received some Reiki treatments ourselves to know what it feels like to have received Reiki. It is also very important to give Reiki treatments to family and friends to gain experience of giving Reiki treatments before starting to offer Reiki treatments to the public.

The recommendation from The Reiki Association is to work for one year after learning level 1 Reiki informally, and to self treat regularly, receive 20 and give 50 in person treatments of at least one hour duration during that time.

I feel that if we start with a good foundation, our Reiki public practice will go from strength to strength.

I have been offering Reiki treatments to the public since 2004, and I rely on my perosnal Reiki practice to look after myself.