Communicating ReikiThe thought for the day in my daily meditation book, ‘Opening Doors Within’ by Eileen Caddy talks about the following concept:

There is always more than one path to a destination. Some paths may be more winding and tortuous than others. Some may appear to be very strange and even unnecessary to you, but let it not concern you. Simply let each person find his or her own path and follow it, and you find yours. It matters not how different it may appear. Know that you will all reach the same destination in the end. There may be a straight and narrow path which leads directly to the destination, but to many people it may appear too simple and straightforward, and they cannot accept that it can possibly lead to the destination. Instead they may choose the more difficult and devious path. Everybody has free will and therefore is completely free to choose whichever path they wish. So live and let live, and be not critical of one another.

Reading this reminded me of how I used to feel about Reiki when I first learnt it – I am quite embarrassed to admit – I used to wish that everybody around me would learn Reiki and benefit from it like I was. With time and experience I realised that each one of is wonderfully unique with our own set of needs and thinking, and that we are all drawn to what is right for us. I still wish that more people would learn Reiki as they would benefit from it. However I am more understanding of people choosing different paths to enhance their wellbeing. I have also realised that I cannot and should not try to convince others of the benefits of Reiki. Now I like to talk about Reiki to people who are open to it, who are interested in it. Sometimes it feels like planting seeds, in that I may tell someone about Reiki today and they may come to it when they are ready, in their own time.

I hope that this helps you to talk about Reiki, this wonderful practical tool that you may have in your life that is so simple to use as all it involves is placing your hands on yourself or on another person to enhance health and wellbeing.

Please do leave a comment and let me know if you find this sharing helpful.